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The Life & Times Of Encarnacion Janduquile y Gumban vda de Himatay, 1904-2004

Saying Goodbye To A Mother, Grandmother & Great-Grandmother

Excerpt of a letter written by her grandson, Harry Mosquera, a day after the burial

Lola Encar died peacefully in her sleep at 5:55 in the morning on 23 May 2004, less than a month away from her 100th birthday.
Her wake was held at one of the family homes in Pavia, Iloilo.  For many in the family, it was amazing to know that she touched so many people in her long life.  When we took out a full-page obituary in Panay News, the largest regional daily, a lot of people came to pay their respects.

Among those who visited was the current governor of Iloilo, Neil Tupas, who dropped by with his wife and his entourage.  The former mayor (Nelson Gumban) and current mayor (Arcadio Gorriceta) of our town also came to pay their respects, and even attended the requiem mass and the burial.

Even the former parish priest of Pavia, Monsignor Juan Tuvilla, travelled far from his current parish in Dingle when he heard of Lola’s passing.  He even said a private mass at the house.  Talk about privileged!

Relatives to the nth degree came.  The Causing clan of Barotac Viejo came in force.  Also, our Valente cousins on the Mosquera side also visited.  They brought with them white flowers that were placed on top of Lola Encar’s casket.

On the day of the burial, a priest fetched Lola’s remains for the requiem mass in the church just across the town plaza.  I was told by Lovella that members of the family were well-dressed for the occasion.  Mom gave a short eulogy, and Tito Gard gave his thanks for those who condoled with the family.  Ashley also had his say, and Albert, I understand, chose to sing a song.  All in all, the verdict was that it was a beautiful and meaningful service. 

From the church, the funeral procession was preceded by six horses, as Lola Encar herself requested.  It was hard to source the horses, but it was accomplished.  Curiously, a few days before her death, Lola supposedly told her nurse “… manakup ta sang kabayo.”  She wasn’t kidding.  Just rounding up six horses was, indeed, like trying to catch them in the wild. 

Anyway, an estimated 300 or so people went to Lola Encar's burial.  It's as if the whole poblacion attended.  Thank goodness we had the foresight to get a caterer and that our estimate for those who would go was right.  Imagine having to feed such a crowd.  Mom and Tita Dott ordered 10 courses for lunch, not including the drinks, desserts and the roasted pig. 

I’m sure there are a lot of interesting stories that will be shared in the next few months from those who were there for Lola Encar’s funeral rites.  Indeed, there's a lot to be said about reaping what you sow.  The one thing I’m certain of is that Lola would have been very happy and proud with her funeral.  She went out in style, and for sure, old-timer Pavianhons will be talking about it for a long time to come. 

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