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The Life & Times Of Encarnacion Janduquile y Gumban vda de Himatay, 1904-2004
Family Members List Page

The following is a listing of the family of Arsenio Himatay y Joqueno, and his wife, Encarnacion Janduquile y Gumban, and their offspring:
Arsenio Himatay y Joqueno m. Encarnacion Janduquile y Gumban
(1) Heile m. Juan Mosquera y Cadiao
       1-1.   Jose Don
       1-2.   Juanita Maisie m. Gerhard Allendorf y Langenbach
                     1-2a.   Olivia-Margit
                     1-2b.   Stephanie Edith Heile
       1-3.   Caesar Horatius
(2) Alonzo m. Alma Gorriceta y Leonidas
       2-1.   Alonzo, Jr.  m. Imelda Sorbito y Cana
                     2-1a.   Sheena Maizon
                     2-1b.   Grant Jasper
                     2-1c.   Kim
       2-2.   Maria Alcena m. Evan Ricaforte y Opina
                (2nd marriage)
                     2-2a.   Kurt Thomas Tribaco (1st marriage)
       2-3.   Alfred m. Liza Senayo y Arranchado
                     2-3a.   Justin
                     2-3b.   Andrei
(3) Eva m. Carlos Tribaco y Donesa
       Note: No issue, but "adopted" niece Maria Alcena.
(4) Naomi m. Dante Deza y Santo Domingo
       4-1.   Debbie Nancy m. Alejandro Gonzalez y Lopezpuebla
                     4-1a.   Andres Joel
                     4-1b.   Naomi Alicia
                     4-1c.   Mia Linda
(5) Fe m. Napoleon Tiampong y Palmares
       Note: Separated; no issue.
(6) Edgardo m. Divina Causing y Causing
       6-1.   Philip Neri m. Siena Sabandal y Santiago
                     6-1a.   Jenelle Caitlin
       6-2.   John Edvine
       6-3.   Rameses
       6-4.   Edgar Ashley
       6-5.   Lovella m. Eduardo Bianzon y Gonzales
                     6-5a.   Gianne Carlo
       6-6.   Divine Grace

Privacy/Security Issues

For privacy and security reasons, certain types of information (like birthdates, nationalities, educational background, etc.) were not included in this listing.

The author in his Lola Encar's arms and being baptized by Rev. Fr. Domingo Nebres.