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The Life & Times Of Encarnacion Janduquile y Gumban vda de Himatay, 1904-2004
Contact Me

Please feel free to contribute!

I'd like to thank the many people who've visited the website, including relatives and friends who've given their inputs and extended their encouragements for the project. 
I'd also like to acknowledge the following visitors to the website:
Jeanette Shepherd from Australia, who sent an e-mail saying that she had the opportunity to do some community work in Pavia, Iloilo.
Emmanuel Gumban from the U.S.A., who sent a nice e-mail out of curiosity inquiring about the Gumbans of Pavia.
I've probably just scratched the surface with my research on our family tree. If you have more information about a branch of the family tree or photos you'd like to share, please contact me!

You can send me mail at: